The Expert Toilet Panel

Even as we’re looking to start piloting our collection service with one of our existing designs, we’re always working to design a better toilet.  To that end, Sebastien loaded a few models, prototypes, and concepts into the truck with SOIL’s Erinold Frederic, and went to consult with the experts: our household toilet users in Shada.

You wouldn’t think there could be much variety in toilet designs, but the range of nuances and features to be tackled is tremendous.  So we test out different models (the front-loader, the top-loader, the shorty, the flusher…), and see how our users react.  Really, we don’t believe there’s such a thing as THE toilet design.  Every toilet back home is a little different, why should they all be the same in Haiti?  What matters is to create a line of toilets and features all compatible with an effective, hygienic waste removal mechanism.

We look to our users for their opinion, and they don’t hold back.

Smell is a big deal, and urine stinks. Our users had very strong opinions on where it goes, and how we deal with it.

Speaking of which, can men pee into a urine-diverting toilet while standing? Bad idea, we’re told.

But the height is just about right. A little footstand in the front that doubles as a box for cleaning supplies would be neat too.

The design workshop went well, and we had no trouble recruiting families to try out a new concept or two.  Now it’s time for some more long-term evaluation.


2 thoughts on “The Expert Toilet Panel

  1. Could there be an attachment more or less like the urinals in porta-potties? The smell might be mitigated, if the passage for urine there and in the diverter had flap valves.

    • Thanks Richard! A urinal attachment is something we’re keen to explore. We haven’t quite figured out the best configuration yet. As for flap valves, we think we might have a trick up our sleeve..

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